More Coffee Bean Uses…

Do you have any extra coffee beans or ground coffee laying around getting stale? If it’s from us, hopefully not …but there are other uses for coffee beans besides drinking their brew.

Coffee beans in your purse? Yes, ladies, another thing that we should stash in our purses. A little bag of coffee beans…because when you are all out of mints or gum, you can suck on a coffee bean and your breath will smell clean and fresh!

Do you know what your olfactory bulb is?? It’s your sniffer, of course! That silly thing gets worn out if you smell too many perfumes and don’t let it rest properly. You can reset your sense of smell if you take a quick whiff of some coffee beans. It’s weird, but it totally works!

Some more smells that just don’t go away – you know the culprits – garlic, onions, fish… Even after a few times scrubbing at the sink with some soap doesn’t help. Coffee beans can help with that as well. You can rub a few coffee beans on your hands and the oils being released from the beans will absorb the smell. When the odor is gone, wash your hands in warm, soapy water. Double yay for our noses!

Don’t have any baking soda to freshen up your fridge? Use coffee beans instead! If there is any foul smell in your fridge, just place the beans inside a bowl and let it sit in your fridge. Odors be gone!

Coffee grounds are great for cleaning around the house too! The grounds can be used to clean any stain resistant surface, especially greasy kitchen surfaces and even greasy pots and pans! You know…that one you used to cook up some bacon this morning? And don’t worry, the beans won’t stain. They wipe right up!

Smell something gross in your kitchen drain and want to get rid of it? Slowly pour a cup of coffee grounds, mixed with boiling water, down the drain and odors will simply disappear.

Grounds for gardening… I know I’ve said this before. Adding coffee grounds to the soil used for your plants can be an effective way of helping them thrive. Use the coffee grounds sparingly in most of your garden so as to not raise the acidity of the soil and work it thoroughly into the surrounding soil.

How about using some coffee as your SECRET INGREDIENT in your sauces, glazes, marinades??
Here’s a sampling of some delicious looking recipes…
Turkey with cane syrup coffee glaze
Coffee Marinated Bison Short Ribs (I know! They are getting all fancy with the bison! I’m sure you could just use beef short ribs!)
Alton Brown’s Molasses Coffee Marinated Pork Chops
Brown Sugar and Coffee Barbecue Sauce
I think I see a pattern here…coffee seems to go hand in hand with sugar of some sort. Coincidence? I think not.

Another new beauty regimen! Have you been yearning for smooth, exfoliated hands? Grind up your coffee beans to semi-coarse (for that extra exfoliating action) and rub them around with some liquid soap while you’re washing your hands. Smooth hands will be your reward!


Did you know that mint is really good for you? It’s not just a garnish on our coffees & teas…

If you try our mint tea, the mint is steeped with green or black tea (your choice) and the flavor is oh-so-heavenly. It’s good for stomachaches and bad breath too!

Oh and supposedly, mint is known to enhance male virility and improve woman’s sensuality. Aristotle warned Alexander the Great to not allow his soldiers to drink mint tea during campaigns, mainly because the philosopher believed it to be an aphrodisiac. Slightly harder to prove but what’s the harm in trying, right?!

From the corner of 24th and Folsom to the bottom of my heart <3

Have you ever been to the Philz on 24th and Folsom? Photos and memorabilia blanket the walls, the comfy living room is filled with mismatched furniture, and the bounty of plants and sky mural above make you feel as though your in some other world. It is here where the magic was born. Below are scanned artifacts from this special place that help tell the story of how Philz Coffee came to be.

Pantone Coffee/Tea Mugs

I’m always on the lookout for cool mugs that would be perfect for our coffee/tea drinkers and I seriously LOVE these ones!! The My Cuppa Coffee Mug is just one of the most awesome coffee mugs out there (especially if you are Pantone geek like me). These mugs would be perfect on an art director’s desk or a graphic design studio’s kitchen!

They’ve selected a Pantone color for the type of coffee you want — whether it’s milky, regular, dark & strong, or black. Just match the Pantone color and it’s perfection in your cup!

For the tea drinkers out there, these are pretty cool Pantone Tea Mugs:

They’ve found the perfect Pantone color to correspond to the different strengths and kinds of tea.

I think they should really add two more to the set…a Green Tea as well as an Istanbul Treat, don’t you?

Future Philz Drinker: Devin

This cutie-patootie is a regular with his mom and loves the staff at the Palo Alto store. Devin already knows about coffee beans and that the water is hot (so don’t touch!) and I believe it’s the beginnings of a coffee drinker for life!

He stopped by to say hi to Matt L. yesterday morning and makes sure to high-five the staff every morning he comes in!

Mario dazzles Whole Foods in Los Gatos

We did another demonstration at Whole Foods in Los Gatos this past weekend with Mario, our 4th Street Philevangelist. He was absolutely awesome with all the customers wanting to know more about Philz Coffee…and he seemed to be a BIG hit with the ladies!

Check out his suave fedora (a la Phil)!!

Super Blend: Code 33

Code 33 is our special blend made for the San Francisco Police Department to keep them alert while keeping our great city safe, now available for the world to enjoy.

“Code 33” in police radio talk, means that there’s an emergency situation – emergency radio traffic only. Maybe it’s only a caffeine emergency…at least, we can hope, right?

This blend is great for those morning emergencies — you know, those mornings where your alarm clock doesn’t go off (or it’s mysteriously snoozed for an extra hour!) Or where everything else is just going pear-shaped and you want to get a handle on it.

A cup of Code 33 with its strong, rich dark roast with the spicy aroma, full body, and smooth finish is just what is needed in an emergency.