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Philz represented at Outside Lands 2010

We had two booths at Outside Lands Music Festival up in San Francisco…and it was pretty busy…

Phil talked about coffee…
Jacob was excited to see Kings of Leon (or at least listen to them)

Some photos of the festival by Wendy Goodfriend.

Coffee in space

Have you ever wondered how the astronauts get their java jolt while in space? Endeavour shuttle astronaut Don Pettit brought up some instant coffee for his trip to space a couple years ago and he managed to invent a new way of drinking it.

Normally, the astronauts have to drink liquids in pouches with straws but now with Mr. Pettit’s invention, the surface tension inside the pouch holds the liquid safely. He took a page out of his Flight Data File mission book to create the zero gravity cup shown in the video below.

Check out this great video of him showing off his invention:


Did you know that mint is really good for you? It’s not just a garnish on our coffees & teas…

If you try our mint tea, the mint is steeped with green or black tea (your choice) and the flavor is oh-so-heavenly. It’s good for stomachaches and bad breath too!

Oh and supposedly, mint is known to enhance male virility and improve woman’s sensuality. Aristotle warned Alexander the Great to not allow his soldiers to drink mint tea during campaigns, mainly because the philosopher believed it to be an aphrodisiac. Slightly harder to prove but what’s the harm in trying, right?!

Pantone Coffee/Tea Mugs

I’m always on the lookout for cool mugs that would be perfect for our coffee/tea drinkers and I seriously LOVE these ones!! The My Cuppa Coffee Mug is just one of the most awesome coffee mugs out there (especially if you are Pantone geek like me). These mugs would be perfect on an art director’s desk or a graphic design studio’s kitchen!

They’ve selected a Pantone color for the type of coffee you want — whether it’s milky, regular, dark & strong, or black. Just match the Pantone color and it’s perfection in your cup!

For the tea drinkers out there, these are pretty cool Pantone Tea Mugs:

They’ve found the perfect Pantone color to correspond to the different strengths and kinds of tea.

I think they should really add two more to the set…a Green Tea as well as an Istanbul Treat, don’t you?

Mario dazzles Whole Foods in Los Gatos

We did another demonstration at Whole Foods in Los Gatos this past weekend with Mario, our 4th Street Philevangelist. He was absolutely awesome with all the customers wanting to know more about Philz Coffee…and he seemed to be a BIG hit with the ladies!

Check out his suave fedora (a la Phil)!!

First of many firsts!

Say hi to Matt!

Matt is our first customer to actually sit outside at our Berkeley store. He lives around the corner (and is quickly becoming a regular!). We’re hoping to get some permanent outdoor seating soon but we just couldn’t resist moving some of our indoor stuff outside because of this weekend’s beautiful weather!

Berkeley Team in the house!

You might have seen these smiling faces at the various San Francisco locations getting their cream and sugaring on but they are seriously gearing up to rock it in the East Bay!! Soon, we promise!! Just a couple more inspections and then we’re good to go!!

Until then, say hello to your Berkeley Team and Phil!!!