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Super Blend: Fulphilmint

ful·phil·mint /fʊlˈfɪlmint/[fool-fil-mint]
1. A new medium-light coffee blend at Philz Coffee.
2. Specially formulated for those folks at Google by Phil with love.

This new blend was formulated with those folks over at Google in mind. Google employees get stocked with this blend in their offices…what a treat! We, here at Philz, are always looking to fulfill your coffee cravings — as hokey as that might sound, we really do! We enjoy making great coffee…it can be so fulfilling to drink.

Fulphilmint is a medium-light roast (so it gets you some caffeine…) but with full-bodied flavor! It’s also smooth to drink and won’t upset your stomach because of its low acidity! We’ve brought this special blend to our stores so next time you’re in, you should definitely check it out!

Super Blend: Code 33

Code 33 is our special blend made for the San Francisco Police Department to keep them alert while keeping our great city safe, now available for the world to enjoy.

“Code 33” in police radio talk, means that there’s an emergency situation – emergency radio traffic only. Maybe it’s only a caffeine emergency…at least, we can hope, right?

This blend is great for those morning emergencies — you know, those mornings where your alarm clock doesn’t go off (or it’s mysteriously snoozed for an extra hour!) Or where everything else is just going pear-shaped and you want to get a handle on it.

A cup of Code 33 with its strong, rich dark roast with the spicy aroma, full body, and smooth finish is just what is needed in an emergency.

Super Drink Feature: New Manhattan

Are you still searching for your favorite coffee? Have you worked your way through all the blends yet? Do you feel like you are a Philz connoisseur and you want to try a great new blend? Well, this is definitely one blend you should explore a little further! Let’s go to New York City…or more specifically, the island of Manhattan. A cup of the New Manhattan is a cheap alternative to a plane ticket to the East Coast!

The New Manhattan blend is distinctive in many ways. It’s a medium/light roast that is filled with busy, energetic flavors that mimic the hustle and bustle of Times Square. It has flavors of wine, oak, nuts and fruit…so every sip is delicious.

And for you people watching the acidity in the coffee you drink, you’re in luck — this blend has a low acidity and is medium bodied for great flavor!

Also, try this blend mixed with the Julie’s Ultimate blend for a special treat!

Oh, and did I mention that our New Manhattan blend is on sale during the month of May?? From May 1-31st, buy a pound of New Manhattan, and it’ll only cost you $11. That’s a 31% discount off the regular price…not bad for savings!

This is being featured at all our Philz locations so stop in and grab a pound for you and a friend! And it’s also available online on our website for delivery to your doorstep!!

Super duper special blends in the house!

If you frequent Philz enough, you’ve probably run across some great mixtures of our blends. Experimenting baristas and our lovely regulars are due credit for these tasty creations!

Here are some of the standbys — Philtered Soul/Greater Alarm, Julie’s Ultimate/New Manhattan, the “PET” (Philtered Soul/Tesora with a dash of Ether thrown in)…and that’s just to name a few.

Turns out there is a new blend out there named the RUBY! It’s a great mix of 1/4 Julie’s Ultimate and 3/4 Red Sea that Katie, our 24th Street store manager, created!! I’ve heard from @rubyfuerza on Twitter about it and she’s a definite fan! She even tweeted this picture this morning:

So don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit at Philz Coffee…Ask the baristas if they’ve got something to share with you!

Super Drink Feature: Canopy of Heaven

In the mood to try a new blend? According to Phil, you’ll likely discover the collection of beans for this glorious cup of coffee under the canopy of heaven.

Canopy of Heaven is a light roast and if you like your coffee light and smooth, this is one to try! This blend is bursting with lively complex flavors and sweet beans from across the globe to produce a delicious caffeinated blend.

As always, try it with our special cream, some sugar and a sprig of mint to make it just right!

Super Drink Feature: 7 Stars

Have you spied the 7 Stars name on the menu board but wondered where it was on our descriptive blend list? It’s listed under our Specialty Coffees because it truly is a special coffee. Using more premium beans than the regular blends, it’s definitely worth a try and your money.

This particular medium roast is delicious. The flavor: earthy, clean, and chocolaty and it smells of pure sweetness!

Shoot yourself to the stars!! Come check it out today and try a cup.


I think it’s time again for a SUPER DRINK feature…it’s been a little while since the last one and I’m sure you are looking for something great to try. This time I’m going with a tea that you can’t get anywhere else. The other coffee places have black teas and green teas but nothing close to the Istanbul Treat! This tea is a combination of black and green teas along with some spices and a little bit of mint. It’s a balanced harmony of flavors.

Istanbul Treat

Do it up our special way and you’ve got a scrumdiddlyumptious drink to perk you up…in a nice way, of course.