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Philz Dogz: Spanky

Here’s a new feature we’re starting at the Philz Coffee Blog where we feature the dogz of Philz Coffee. It seems that a lot of dog lovers are also coffee lovers. It’s a great combination…so say hello to Spanky.

Spanky has been coming around Philz Palo Alto since we opened (and probably before too). He loves our deck and will hang out for endless hours in the morning to enjoy himself (as can be seen with the picture above).

Spanky’s favorite thing @ Philz: Playing with his tennis ball on the deck and getting the occasional hot dog or cheese bites from his owner.
Owner’s drink of choice: The blend depends on the day but I can tell you this — it’s 12 ounces of straight-up unadulterated Philz Coffee in his cup.

From the corner of 24th and Folsom to the bottom of my heart <3

Have you ever been to the Philz on 24th and Folsom? Photos and memorabilia blanket the walls, the comfy living room is filled with mismatched furniture, and the bounty of plants and sky mural above make you feel as though your in some other world. It is here where the magic was born. Below are scanned artifacts from this special place that help tell the story of how Philz Coffee came to be.

Berkeley opening in photographs.

Another Berkeley Sneak Peek…

Phil inspecting the Berkeley store…menus are up…shelving is there…just needs a stain. We’re inching closer and closer to opening Berkeley…I’ve heard the little birdies tweet two weeks more…Can it be true?

Ooh la la, counters in Berkeley!

Another sneak peek at the Berkeley store…Inch by inch, it’s getting closer to completion and that means there will soon be Philz Coffee in the East Bay! Yay!

This week, Phil himself (with his trademark fedora!) measuring it to be just right…and it’s lookin’ pretty snazzy!


Philtered Soul
Imagine the sweetest, nutty flavors that envelopes your taste buds and that the first sip leaves you wanting more. This is a perfect blend for the winter months — it warms your belly with every sip, gulp, or chug.

This is the first blend I had the pleasure of trying when I first set foot in a Philz as a customer (before becoming an employee). Coming from the history of drinking mostly vanilla lattes from the other “huge coffee mega-chain that will not be named”, I knew I liked sweeter coffees. Jacob suggested this one for me to try and I loved it. (Lemme, tell you a little secret — it made me crave Philz so much I came back the next day for another one!)

I found out later that the Philtered Soul is a favorite of all those coffee drinkers who possess a sweet tooth. You can also try mixing it with our Greater Alarm blend. It’ll give you the caffeine punch you need to get you through the day, no matter what you are facing.

Come in and try it with our special cream and medium sweet and you will be in for a winter treat!


LAST SATURDAY WE HAD A BBQ, THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT!!!! Here’s a few flicks from the get down.


Me and Charlie, dudes and wieners – how awesome is that?


Brianna got her Cub Scout kit on for the cookout, you can tell she’s super stoked.


Ladies of Philz.

So yeah, I’m no pro photographer but I was fortunate to meet this dude HENRY SUN who is a rad photographer and he kicked down a lot of good flicks of the event which follow my crummy ones. Check his work out and drop a line if you need someone to photograph your event like a pro! You can also see a ton more pictures he took by joining our PHILZ COFFEE PALO ALTO facebook group.