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Philz Dogz: Scooter

Say hello to Scooter!

Scooter doesn’t stay still (as can be seen in the photograph). He always accompanies his owner on morning walks past Philz because he loves Philz too…just not for coffee…for our complimentary dog treats!

Scooter’s favorite thing @ Philz: our dog treats
Owner’s drink of choice: Any blend with lowfat milk in his own mug

Philz Dogz: Spanky

Here’s a new feature we’re starting at the Philz Coffee Blog where we feature the dogz of Philz Coffee. It seems that a lot of dog lovers are also coffee lovers. It’s a great combination…so say hello to Spanky.

Spanky has been coming around Philz Palo Alto since we opened (and probably before too). He loves our deck and will hang out for endless hours in the morning to enjoy himself (as can be seen with the picture above).

Spanky’s favorite thing @ Philz: Playing with his tennis ball on the deck and getting the occasional hot dog or cheese bites from his owner.
Owner’s drink of choice: The blend depends on the day but I can tell you this — it’s 12 ounces of straight-up unadulterated Philz Coffee in his cup.