Anthora Coffee Cup

Last weekend, Leslie Buck passed away. Who’s that, you say? Well, the inventor of the iconic greek coffee cup seen all around New York City and in any Big Apple located movies is who!

In 1960s, the Sherri Cup Company wanted to produce a to-go coffee cup that would appeal to Greek vendors in the city. The marketing director at the time — Leslie Buck — dreamed up a motif that included colors from the flag of Greece. WE ARE HAPPY TO SERVE YOU, was printed in Greek-style letters, adorned with a trio of steaming, mustard-yellow cups, flanked by ancient “Anthora” urns, and framed with a Greek Key pattern.

Back in the day, every corner deli had them for their coffee. You would see them in New Yorker’s hands on their way to work, Times Square tourists, and everyone in between.

I found a bunch of related items over here: porcelain cups, change holders, even cuff links!

My personal favorite is the canvas tote:

And by the way, we here at Philz Coffee, are happy to serve you too!


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