Super Drink Feature: New Manhattan

Are you still searching for your favorite coffee? Have you worked your way through all the blends yet? Do you feel like you are a Philz connoisseur and you want to try a great new blend? Well, this is definitely one blend you should explore a little further! Let’s go to New York City…or more specifically, the island of Manhattan. A cup of the New Manhattan is a cheap alternative to a plane ticket to the East Coast!

The New Manhattan blend is distinctive in many ways. It’s a medium/light roast that is filled with busy, energetic flavors that mimic the hustle and bustle of Times Square. It has flavors of wine, oak, nuts and fruit…so every sip is delicious.

And for you people watching the acidity in the coffee you drink, you’re in luck — this blend has a low acidity and is medium bodied for great flavor!

Also, try this blend mixed with the Julie’s Ultimate blend for a special treat!

Oh, and did I mention that our New Manhattan blend is on sale during the month of May?? From May 1-31st, buy a pound of New Manhattan, and it’ll only cost you $11. That’s a 31% discount off the regular price…not bad for savings!

This is being featured at all our Philz locations so stop in and grab a pound for you and a friend! And it’s also available online on our website for delivery to your doorstep!!


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