Super duper special blends in the house!

If you frequent Philz enough, you’ve probably run across some great mixtures of our blends. Experimenting baristas and our lovely regulars are due credit for these tasty creations!

Here are some of the standbys — Philtered Soul/Greater Alarm, Julie’s Ultimate/New Manhattan, the “PET” (Philtered Soul/Tesora with a dash of Ether thrown in)…and that’s just to name a few.

Turns out there is a new blend out there named the RUBY! It’s a great mix of 1/4 Julie’s Ultimate and 3/4 Red Sea that Katie, our 24th Street store manager, created!! I’ve heard from @rubyfuerza on Twitter about it and she’s a definite fan! She even tweeted this picture this morning:

So don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit at Philz Coffee…Ask the baristas if they’ve got something to share with you!


2 responses to “Super duper special blends in the house!

  1. Terrific blog! Thx for posting link on Twitter! Had my Midtown fix yesterday, Philtered Soul with milk and powerful WiFi.


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