Really special coffee

I may be a bit behind in some of my movie viewing but recently, I was able to see The Bucket List (thanks, Netflix!). I had heard good things about it and had it in my queue for awhile and it just finally worked its way up to the top and got sent out.

After watching it, I was intrigued about the coffee he was drinking…What was the name of it again? Kopi whatchmacallit? I looked it up — Kopi Luwak. Oh yeah, the one that an animal eats and digests…and then we make it into something drinkable…um, eww.

Here’s the animal — called a civet (that’s almost like a raccoon):

Turns out the stuff is pretty expensive at $349/lb — even more so than our beloved Jamaican Blue Mountain.

I know Doug mentioned this coffee awhile back…but it came back into the forefront of my mind when I saw The Bucket List that I just had to mention it again!

Ooh, and last but not least, you don’t have to worry…we, here at Philz Coffee, will not be carrying this anytime soon…


2 responses to “Really special coffee

  1. Wow! That is an expensive coffee! I wonder how that thing tastes. I mean, is there any other coffee that tastes better than espresso? Or is there any other coffee that would taste better even if they are made in the best coffee machine in the world? I hope I could get to taste that coffee luwak one day. Great post!

  2. oh man, I don’t think I’ll be spending that much money on some digested coffee…..eeek

    I’m OK with my delicious jamaica blue mountain coffee in my favorite chicago cafe

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