Coffee: From Bean to Cup

It all started when some rogue coffee hedges decided to start spreading out over an arboretum located on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Coffee: From Bean to Cup is the first coffee class offering of its kind being taught at the arboretum, adminstered by University of Hawaii @ Manoa. This class might not be totally convenient for most of our Philevangelists due to the location but if you want to head over to the island of Oahu for a quick trip, this would be a pretty neat class to attend. You get to learn more about how to grow, harvest and roast your own coffee as well as take a short hike to see the coffee varieties on the property.

Green coffee beans, credit: Hajime Fujisaki

Coffee bean progression, credit: Hajime Fujisaki


One response to “Coffee: From Bean to Cup

  1. This would be so awesome to attend. I’ve always wondered what a coffee cherry actually tastes like right off the vine. I hope he does this again, I’d love to go.

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