Some old time slang for coffee

I’m reading a book about food consumption in the 1940s (an old project by the WPA that was never published) entitled The Food of a Younger Land by Mark Kurlansky. It’s really an interesting read and for whatever reason, I didn’t think that I would find much about coffee in the book. Not sure why, just didn’t think there would be…Well, I was wrong.

It turns out there is an entire article on the New York Soda-Luncheonette Slang and Jargon which includes some slang used for coffee and tea. The slang is pretty basic and self-explanatory except for one that isn’t so clear!

Check out the coffee/tea related ones:
Blond(e) – coffee with cream
Boiled Leaves – tea
Brunette – black coffee
Cup of Mud – cup of coffee
Draw one in the dark – black coffee
Draw one on the side – coffee with cream served separately
Scandal Soup – tea

I mean, how did they come up with scandal soup for tea? Was tea so scandalous? I’m really curious now! I can just imagine the soda jerks working behind the counter and calling out orders using this slang.


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