Down by the ballpark, there is also some new art up…stop by our 4th & Berry Philz to check it out!

Georgianne told me that these paintings are inspired by the rotting docks, fishing boats bleaching in the sun, and cargo ships anchored off China Basin. From the 4th & Berry Philz, it’s a short walk across Lefty O Doul bridge, past the enclave of houseboats on the right, to the long stretch of piers along Third Street.

Mission Rock

On the water

If you have not explored this part of the city before, it’s a quiet and beautiful spot for a midday walk with a cup of Philz!

If you are interested in showing at Philz in Palo Alto or in San Francisco, you may submit online portfolios, jpegs or websites via email to Philz Art Director: Georgianne Fastaia of FRESHART SF for consideration.

If you are interested in purchasing the art at any of the Philz store, please contact the artist directly by checking the promotional material next to the display.


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