So we’re switching around the art on the walls at different Philz locations. Moving from our 4th & Berry store and down to Palo Alto, Melisa Phillip’s great paintings will stay through March 31!

She is a self-taught painter, living and painting in San Francisco for the past 10+ years. A few years ago, she began using a technique called Blind Contour Drawing as a starting point for her new paintings. Since Melisa was already painting with vibrant color contrasts, and thick paint, when she turned the Blind Drawings into paintings, she used those same basics to bring the drawings to life.

Here are some of the pieces on our walls right now:

His Heart Condition

Recline Blind 2

Come by and check them out while drinking your Philz!

If you are interested in showing at Philz in Palo Alto or in San Francisco, you may submit online portfolios, jpegs or websites via email to Philz Art Director: Georgianne Fastaia of FRESHART SF for consideration.

If you are interested in purchasing the art at any of the Philz store, please contact Melisa Phillips directly via email, or phone at 415.290.3623. You can also see more of her work at Thick Paint.


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