Consumer Reports Report on Coffee Blends

It seems that Consumer Reports (the mega testing group that I think is pretty reliable), has decided that there are no excellent or very good coffee blends out of the 37 they tried. How can that be? I’m actually quite surprised that they couldn’t find any coffees in the excellent or very good categories. Personally, I’d like them to taste the Philz blends…and see how we’d fare.

I’m planning on going to the newsstand to pick up the March 2010 issue to find out more about the blends they tried…My favorite is Silken Splendor. It’s deliciously smooth and just yummy!

Ooh, and in reusable mug news, we’ve got our MEGA mugs back in stock (as can be seen here by @fuzzygroove hooking up his Philz Phix.) 20 ounces of Philz coffee/tea goodness for the price of a 12 ounce coffee! What a deal! Go check out your local Philz to pick one up today!


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