Being green in 2010.

Did you know we’re a green company? The majority of our “garbage” isn’t garbage at all, it’s all considered recyclable and compostable materials. That’s good news for the environment and for our future!

The peeps here at Philz Coffee supports a variety of environmental initiatives…

* Everyday we compost all of our used coffee grounds. If you’d like some for your garden, bring in a bag, let a barista know and we’ll fill it up for you. (Please try to avoid the busy times, if possible.)

* We encourage customers to use reusable mugs. Every customer that uses their own mug gets charged the price of a small cup regardless of the size; which is about 50 cents savings per cup!

* When we’re hired, every employee is given a free Phil’z Coffee mug to ensure no paper cups go to waste.

* We are committed to recycling as much as we can.

Here in Palo Alto, we recycle and compost only. There is no need for garbage pickup. Not too shabby…

Happy New Year!!


One response to “Being green in 2010.

  1. Great job, guys!

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