Monthly Archives: January 2010

Coffee Artist – Dirceu Veiga

I just wanted to share this great coffee art that I stumbled upon today. Coffee art, you say? Yes, this artist, Dirceu Veiga, from Curitiba (south of Brazil), paints with coffee…It seems he does a little sketching in pencil beforehand but then paints with coffee as if it were watercolors. The coffee gives it a subtler hue than normal watercolors or paints would.

How flabbergasting is that?

We are connected, yo!

Did you know that Philz has their own Flickr group with some great coffee photography? I want to see more of the different Philz Coffee spots…c’mon people, let’s add to it and see the group grow! Do you Flickr?

Check this one out — what a great shot of one of the stations!

Some fun coffee items…

Do you love coffee so much that you would actually wear beans? Well, silver beans, to be exact.

I found a bunch of cool coffee offerings on Uncommon Goods…like coffee bean cufflinks?

Or what about for the ladies…coffee bean earrings, bracelet or necklace?

These would be pretty neat to receive as a gift especially if the recipient was a Philz regular and loves his/her coffee!

Rain, rain, go away.

I hope everyone is staying dry in the weather this week! It looks like the worst is not behind us yet…tomorrow is supposed to be slightly more rain. I heard Al Roker this morning saying it might dump 5-7 inches on California…but luckily, NBC Bay Area weather forecast says more like 1-2 inches…That’s still a bunch!

Working behind the counter, I get the advantage to see it rain cats & dogs but not venture out into it much. This kind of weather makes me want to stay inside, curl up in bed (if I don’t have to work), and sip hot chocolate. Mmm. The perfect winter-y treat!

I hope everyone stays dry on their trip(s) to Philz this week!

Some cool reusable cups

While I was shopping for the holiday season, I came across the coolest reusable mugs:

A porcelain cup with a rubber sleeve for the heat…as well as…

A double-walled porcelain cup without the rubber sleeve.

Considering that we charge you for a small when you bring in your own cup…this could turn into quite the deal.

Cooking with Coffee

I’ve been wondering about some of the different uses for brewed coffee, grounds and the beans. I’ve also dreaming of the Red Sea ice cream that Rob, one of our regulars, brought in during the dog days of this past summer for us to enjoy. Mmmm. Definitely have to try some different blends…maybe Jacob’s Wonderbar Brew.

So I went hunting for some recipes that use coffee as an ingredient…and I came across the top ten coffee recipes of 2009! Chocolate covered beans and even coffee burgers!

And back to that ice cream…I know it’s cold and dreary out this time of year but Philz Coffee ice cream sounds delicious. Most coffee ice cream recipes call for instant coffee (at least the one I found on Food Network’s site did) but I found a recipe at Simply Recipes that uses beans and some grounds as well. Really thinking about grabbing some beans today and prepping my ice cream maker to make a batch now.

Have you heard of a coffice?

Vanessa Cross over at Suite detailed in a recent article about how coffee shops are the new mobile office and the coinage of a new term — Coffice.

Urban Dictionary defines “coffice” as “a coffee shop one makes into an office where non-coffee shop work is performed.”

I’m wondering how many people we have at each location that are using our shops as their “coffice”?

I think this coffice stuff going to be the norm for the upcoming future. It’s a great idea…and hey, if there is free wi-fi, you might as well use it, right?