THE ECSTATIC ICED COFFEE!!!! Working at Philz I’ve had the pleasure of trying about a million different roasts, blends of roasts, teas, decafs, smart waters – there’s even a liquor store right next door to us – but the one drink that I keep getting pulled back to is the Ecstatic Iced Coffee. Look at it, just chilling right there in front of your face, playing it ice cold. Crazy refreshing and delicious, who needs wacky syrup pumps and artificial flavors blended like some baby’s-first-coffee drink. The Ecstatic Iced keeps it real with with natural flavors and quality coffee beans that will blow other iced drinks out of the water. Plus on hot days it cuts through the heat like an expertly wielded machete while you and Indiana Jones go treasure hunting in the wilds of the Amazon (caffeine stimulates my imagination).  POW!!!


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