Name: Shreyas

Drink: Jacob’s Wonderbar

What he has to say about Philz Coffee: “There is coffee and there is Philz! At our company, PALANTIR TECHNOLOGIES©, coming back from a Philz run is the only good reason to be a few minutes late to a meeting.”

An awesome customer right here, this guy is a maniac, he carries co-workers on his back and RUNS them to Philz to get them to try their first cup. He’s always in a great mood, keeping things positive so it’s obviously a pleasure when he drops by. It’s really refreshing when I can talk to customers about the problems with true enterprise data platforms, like how much of a pain it is that users build revisioning into their file names, or how data resync is pretty much impossible – which honestly is a real world need. Leave it to the dudes at Palantir to work all that out for you because they’re on top of the game.


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