Name: Charleen
Drink: Anesthesia/Dancing Water (!!!!!!)
What she had to say about Philz: “A few months ago a friend of mine recommended this place to me. Being the coffee freak I am I’ve been hooked like crack ever since. It’s worth the extra 10 minute drive on my way to work. I tired to wean myself to once a week at Philz, the other two days at Peets. It didn’t work. I’ve relapsed and am back full force getting my fix of Philz Coffee before every shift I work… and my life is so much better.”

Charleen gets the honor of being our first super customer featured on the blog. Why? Because everytime she comes into Philz I feel like it’s my 10th birthday and I just got a Super Nintendo and that I get to stay up all night drinking Coke, eating Fruit Rollups and playing Super Mario. It’s that good. Plus she works at a hospital which means she helps folks out more than I can even imagine, making a real positive impact on people. Charleen, it’s always a pleasure!


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