Daily Archives: August 7, 2009



Name: Charleen
Drink: Anesthesia/Dancing Water (!!!!!!)
What she had to say about Philz: “A few months ago a friend of mine recommended this place to me. Being the coffee freak I am I’ve been hooked like crack ever since. It’s worth the extra 10 minute drive on my way to work. I tired to wean myself to once a week at Philz, the other two days at Peets. It didn’t work. I’ve relapsed and am back full force getting my fix of Philz Coffee before every shift I work… and my life is so much better.”

Charleen gets the honor of being our first super customer featured on the blog. Why? Because everytime she comes into Philz I feel like it’s my 10th birthday and I just got a Super Nintendo and that I get to stay up all night drinking Coke, eating Fruit Rollups and playing Super Mario. It’s that good. Plus she works at a hospital which means she helps folks out more than I can even imagine, making a real positive impact on people. Charleen, it’s always a pleasure!



We have better customers than other coffee shops, hands down.


She threw a curve ball with the frenchy stache, handful of croissant out of frame.


This guy has got the Philz kit locked down, true gentleman right here.


Dude holds down the liquor store right next to us, hooked me up with some change the other day. Century Liquors, good folks. Fedora + moustache + coffee + wine = party time 10,000.

Photos and handywork courtesy of Brianna and Liz.