hanging tough at Philz Palo Alto location

Alex, THE JACOB, Doug and Sarah at Philz Palo Alto

Finally getting the wheels greased on the Philz Coffee blog so here it goes. We mean the blog to be an online extension of our in-store communities; the people, the places and of course the coffee. We will be featuring first timers to Philz, employee spotlights, drink and blend features as well as other goings on at Philz. We value all of our customers and want show them some love back as well as giving other people a chance to get a look into what Philz Coffee is all about.

This blog is being run from the Philz Palo Alto location for the time being – but we want to hear from customers and employees from ALL locations – so if you have any Philz related pictures, stories, comments or whatever that you would like to share PLEASE email us at philzblog@gmail.com so we can feature you on here. I’ll be posting our first few features in the near future so keep a look out.

Thanks to all of our fantastic customers who make what we do possible and so much fun, we look forward to hearing from you.




  1. Great job Doug! We must spread the word!

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